Breaking down trading for a living

This is one of those blog posts that I am writing as much for myself as much as for anyone who might be interested in reading it. It is basically a breakdown of what to realistically expect from day trading and what comes with job, experience brought to you by someone who has literally been... Continue Reading →

Being profitable vs being right

One of the biggest challenges in trading is dealings with your emotions. It is often that we as traders get overly stubborn and fixated on specific trade and we end up paying for it. Despite the fact I have been trading for many many moons I still remain a victim of this. As I have... Continue Reading →

Buy fear sell greed

I will admit I am not a big fan of Bullard after his QE4 "intervention" a while back, but the guy was spot on when he said that this stock market decline was the most predicted stock market decline in the history of financial markets. He did, however, fail to mention that almost everyone predicting... Continue Reading →

USD bulls

Have you guys noticed that the majority of people talking about huge DXY breakouts happen to be American? There are people around talking about DXY going to 130. While this certainly isn't impossible it is particularly improbable if there is no new World War to spur such a move. The reason I am focusing around... Continue Reading →

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